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With a recent change of direction Bonnita has found her way back to her Illustration roots. With her Daughters diagnosis of SPD, DCD and ASD she felt the urge to create a range of colourful prints and stickers to help children and adults alike feel more positive about their new found superpowers! 

The brightly coloured imagery and the rainbow spectrum throughout all her designs has helped Bonnita in making a cohesive range of positive messages as well as honest feelings that anyone with Mental health or disabilities should never be afraid to speak about. 

Her range will be growing weekly with new designs being worked on daily. 


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About Me

Bonnita Moaby – Bonnita Doodles

Even from a young age Bonnita remembers spending hours colouring in or drawing. This carried on into her school years and beyond. Going on to do Graphic Design at a BA level she achieved her degree and set up her own business which ran for over 9 years, winning the prestigious award from Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den for #SBS (Small Business Sunday).

Stepping into the world of portraits and realism work in coloured pencil the demand for her work became so great that she decided to focus on her traditional art so made the

hard decision to close the doors on her graphic design business.

In her time since starting up her art venture Bonnita has published 2 colouring books and licensed her work out. She went on to win the #WOW award (Women on Wednesday) from Jacqueline Gold and the #queenof award for Pencils. 2018 saw her draw for one of the biggest watch companies in the world in conjunction with the launch of their limited edition watch the Bremont Supersonic.


With recognition from Tom Hardy for a portrait she did of his 3 dogs as his characters, has ensured that this journey will clearly be a memorable one.


“I love to doodle just about anything, Zentangle, freeform, graphic and more. I love eclectic vintage and steampunk and I love being around colour”

“I have now fallen in love with doing photo realistic portraits and Water colour paintings using Spectrum Noir’s amazing Aqua pens & Aqua Tints”

Bonnita made quite a name for herself producing colourful water colour paintings, ink illustrations and more. Her signature splash helps to set her style apart. With her love of Spectrum, Bonnita has developed a technique and style using their products. She has become obsessed over their Aqua Markers and AquaTints to make her paintings, which has became a big part of her art. In recognition of Bonnita's love of Spectrum Noir products and her ability to use them to such an unusual standard, Spectrum Noir asked her join their design team. She will be doing lots of lovely pictures using their products as well as tutorial videos that will be available via their website. She has recently now joined with Crafters Companion as an artist.

If you would like to work with or commission Bonnita please use the contact form below. Spaces are limited. 


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