Ocelot Pencil drawing tutorial

Hey! welcome to the resources for the Ocelot tutorial. You will find 3 images in this post to download.

TUTORIAL DETAILS: 8pm GMT Wednesdays for a course of 3-4 weeks. I was dual live over Youtube so it can be stored for you to refer back to at anytime, as well as on TikTok

You will need

A4 drawing paper - I use Strathmore 300 series Bristol Smooth

Colours as mentioned below or graphite (turn your reference black and white)


Small clean soft brush

Print your line work ready, if you have no way of doing this I have included a gridded version so you can draw a grid on your paper and transfer the image, you will want to do this before the tutorial starts.


1: Reference clean. Image is from Pexels, Right click and download

2: Reference with colours (more may be added as we work through the tutorial)

3: Line work


1inch square scale.

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